Mobile Systems

Mobility currently has enormous innovation potential thanks to advances in digitization, networking, sensor technology for characterizing the environment and autonomous reaction capabilities. Vehicles that can move independently and with high reliability on factory floors and in road traffic are thus becoming reality ever more quickly on the basis of modern digitisation technology (especially in telecommunications, electronics, control technology and data processing).

Mobile robots on the ground, in the air and in water are thus always offering applications in industry, business, the security sector and private households. Autonomous and tele-assisted transport robots can perform tasks in unsafe, dangerous or monotonous environments, but also increase productivity in dynamic production environments, thus opening up new application areas in the private, security, commercial and industrial sectors.

In order to further develop this vision of future mobility, the Zentrum für Telematik has been working on the application of telematics methods in the field of mobile robots since its foundation. Technologies for autonomous, networked and cooperating mobile systems have been developed and used to solve tasks in concrete applications.

Numerous project examples, which have been carried out in EU, BMWi, BMBF and industrial direct projects, are presented on the following pages and should give you ideas, which tailor-made mobile solutions the Zentrum für Telematik can develop for your problems.



DEALS3D: 3D Monument Protection

In the DEALS3D project, a technical solution is being developed to create accurate three-dimensional models of culturally relevant buildings. In order to capture all required perspectives, images are generated and automatically fused by ground-based 3D sensors and by sensors carried by unmanned flight systems.

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Eins3D - Airborne environmental reconnaissance in 3D

In the event of major emergencies such as major fires, mass pile-ups or large-scale flooding, it is difficult for the emergency services to obtain an overview of the situation on site. In addition, changes in the damage situation can usually only be registered with a time delay, which makes it considerably more difficult to manage the emergency services effectively.

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The aim of the project ¡VAMOS! (Viable Alternative Mine Operating System) is the development and construction of an underwater robot for the mining of minerals in flooded open-cast mines.

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LiBeRo: Line Coating Robot

The line coating robot is a system for the automated, precise application of line markings on different floors. Application examples are markings in factory halls, swimming pool floors or roadways.

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SiNafaR - Safe Navigation for Autonomous Robotic Platforms

Until now, safety aspects have often stood in the way of civil use of autonomous mobile robots. However, if these can be met, new opportunities for marketing on a very large scale will arise.

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