One focus of the Zentrum für Telematik e.V. is the investigation of solutions to support processes of industrial remote maintenance. In particular, procedures are to be investigated that enable technicians on site and service centre personnel to work together optimally, even if they are currently on different continents. This is an efficient tool to realize a high quality standard and at the same time a fast reaction at low costs. We have actively gained partners from industry to continue our growth in the field of remote maintenance. We see a very high potential here, since Germany in particular, as one of the leading export nations, will be heavily dependent on these technologies in the future in order to deploy its highly qualified specialists efficiently and optimally.

Secure remote maintenance via Internet

Factory downtime can be minimized through interactive remote access to equipment. At the same time, maximum security and communication with service technicians on site must be ensured.

Security and bandwidths under control

The Adaptive Management and Security System, developed by ZfT, prevents the interception of sensitive data exchange.

Augmented Reality Interfaces

In manufacturing, numerous service tasks can be intuitively supported by 3D augmented reality methods. These are integrated on mobile devices.

Predictive Maintenance

As much maintenance as necessary, but as little as possible. A condition monitoring system optimizes the maintenance intervals of machines in advance according to the recorded load profiles.



Adaptive Management & Security System

The failure of a machine has far-reaching consequences in industrial companies and must be rectified without long delays. We offer the tailor-made solution for your company.

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Adaptive Industrial Production

The Bayern Digital future strategy is designed to address the current trend towards digitisation. Numerous companies, research institutes and universities are working together to play a key role in shaping these developments and thus open up new future opportunities for Bavaria. The ZfT is part of this initiative and works on aspects of adaptive industrial production.

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MainTelRob - Maintenance and Telematics for Robots

The enormous progress in telecommunications and information processing technologies enables the provision of increasingly sophisticated services even over long distances without the need for energy-intensive travel.

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Smart Grids

Smart grids are one of the technical challenges of the coming years. For the Internet of Energy, energy production, energy storage and energy consumption must be coordinated. The automation and communication technology superimposed on the classic energy networks is a typical area of application for telematics.

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