LiBeRo: Line Coating Robot


Linienbeschichtungsroboter im Einsatz

Line coating robot in use

The line coating robot is a system for the automated, precise application of line markings on different floors. Application examples are markings in factory halls, swimming pool floors or roadways.

Detailed project description

The system uses the high precision, repeatability and automatability of a robot to place the marking autonomously and exactly at the desired points on the floor. The use of an adapted powder coating technique ensures high load capacity and several years of durability of the applied lines.

The line coating robot is easy to operate as the line application and the exact navigation is fully automatic. One operator can operate and monitor several systems simultaneously. Setting up the system requires only a few simple steps and can be learned quickly.


The project was awarded the BEST OF 2014 prize as part of the IT Innovation Prize of the Initiative Mittelstand. A jury of experts voted the line coating robot into the top group of over 5,000 projects submitted.



This project is funded by the BMWI within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM).

Project partner


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