Zentrum für Telematik receives Telematik Award 2020


For the second time since 2018, the Zentrum für Telematik has received the most important award in the sector in German-speaking countries. This year, the innovative wooden beam lettering of the ZfT received this important award.

ZfT developed this automated robotic solution on behalf of the Georg Schumann GmbH & Co. KG in Igersheim, Germany. It consists of an industrial robot, a 3D camera and a compact ink printing system. The robot-guided camera initially records the geometry and workpiece position with high precision. Based on this information, the developed telematics software extracts areas on the beam that are potentially suitable for printing and automatically selects them according to the specifications transferred from the production system and calculates the optimum print size and orientation. Finally, the ZfT software system calculates the necessary movements of the industrial robot and controls the print with millimeter precision. You can get an impression of how the system works in the product video on Youtube.

The developed system can be adapted to a wide range of applications by means of variably adaptable interfaces and the exchange of individual components, thus enabling cost-efficient and flexible automation of processes for medium-sized businesses and industry. It forms an important component in the broad pallet of Industry 4.0-Softwaretools of the ZfT.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the winners were not awarded prizes at the IAA Commercial Vehicles as in previous years, but were announced during a three-week online event with lectures and podcasts on current projects and challenges in telematics. The remote maintenance solution ZFT-AMS was already awarded in 2018.