Adaptive Management & Security System - Robust Remote Maintenance with ZFT-AMS

ZFT-AMS technician to plant

Adaptive Management & Security System

The failure of a machine has far-reaching consequences in industrial plants and must be rectified without long delays. We offer the tailor-made solution for your company.


Telematics Award 2018

Strategic advantages

Cost saving

cost saving

Time saving

Time saving

Quality advantage

quality advantage

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Industrial remote maintenance

Remote maintenance in the woodworking industry

Unique Selling Points

Bandwidth control

We understand remote maintenance as a special combination of services that influence each other and have different requirements for real time and bandwidth. The control algorithms developed by us intervene according to these requirements if the available bandwidth is not sufficient to transmit the services in best quality. This ensures that remote maintenance operations are always carried out safely, as critical services are not interrupted.

Synchronicity of the services

The system architecture ensures that experts and technicians always see the same synchronized image. This is the only way to ensure that experts and technicians can always talk about the same issues. If video feedback and VoIP are not sufficient, it is possible to make comments directly in the video stream or to transmit critical information such as serial numbers via the integrated chat.

Multi-camera perspectives


A remote maintenance assignment makes high demands on the instructing expert of your company. Not only the goal of a successful diagnosis, repair, maintenance or commissioning are in focus, but also the safety of the instructed service technician must be in focus. This cannot be guaranteed by transmitting the technician’s field of vision alone. Our solution is therefore based on the simultaneous transmission of up to four camera perspectives (overview, body cam, handheld and expert), so that you can provide safe and competent instruction.

Standard hardware

Standard Hardware

We rely on globally available standard hardware and save you the trouble of integrating proprietary hardware into your infrastructure. There are no specifications in your company? We advise you on the appropriate selection of the components that make sense for you, from headsets to mobile devices to servers.

IT service

IT Service

Whether for integration into company-specific IT architectures or for setting up a network infrastructure in small and medium-sized companies: We offer the services you need to put our remote maintenance solution into operation and don’t leave you alone even on the last meter. We advise you on security guidelines and support you in connecting to ERP/CRM systems. Of course, our software is constantly being further developed and we help you to find the right solution for your company.

Expandable system

Expandable System

We already offer interfaces for common communication protocols for the control of machines and robots (Kuka/Reis, Siemens SPS, OPC/UA), but we are happy to integrate others according to your requirements. In addition, the ZFT-AMS can be extended with modules for condition monitoring, data analytics and predictive maintenance as well as for the optimization of your production.

Customer opinions

Passbild Kay Wiederhold

»ZFT-AMS helps us to overcome challenges in the international manufacturing network of Rexroth Linear Technology much more quickly. It helps to reduce downtimes or to accelerate start-ups. The system also makes a valuable contribution to communication between the sites in terms of cultural differences and language barriers. It thus reduces the need for business trips.
Therefore: Thumbs up and many thanks for the support!
Kay Wiederhold - Digitalization & Industry 4.0, Bosch Rexroth AG Schweinfurt

passport photo Rolf Ruckstetter

“As the lead plant for oral care, predictive maintenance and remote maintenance play a key role. Thanks to ZfT’s expertise, excellent results have been achieved, especially in the area of remote maintenance. With the help of the systems developed by ZfT, facilities can be serviced worldwide by local specialists. This will make a significant contribution to cost reduction at the Marktheidenfeld site”.
Rolf Ruckstetter - Manager Service Engineering Procter & Gamble Manufactoring

passport photo Stefan Moehringer

“We benefit from ZfT’s competence in the field of industrial remote maintenance. This enables us to expand our service capability worldwide. The cooperation works very well and we are looking forward to further development ideas and projects”.
Dr. Ing. Stefan Moehringer - CEO Möhringer Anlagenbau GmbH


Would you like to learn more about how ZFT-AMS can take your production networking or customer service to the next level? Or would you like to try out the system live at our premises? Please contact us! Mail to Automation Management