Test facilities

3U-Cubesat on test system

3U-Cube-Sat on motion simulation system

The Zentrum für Telematik has various test facilities at its disposal, in particular the motion simulation facility for simulating high-precision and fast rotary movements. Integrated into the “adaptive production environment” is in particular the motion simulation system for the simulation of high-precision and fast rotary movements. The material stresses that occur can be metrologically characterized by the integrated sensor technology. Thus, hardware-in-the-loop simulations and demanding material and load tests can be performed, as well as characterization and calibration of sensors and communication components.

The system consists of two high-precision 3-axis motion simulators, a robot arm with six degrees of freedom, earth and sun simulator and a control station. The facility offers a wide range of demanding stress tests, ranging from communication and photogrammetric observation in highly dynamic environments, to multi-satellite systems focusing on formations and relative navigation, to material stress tests and sensor calibration.



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