Diversity am ZfT



ZfT’s main objective is to promote excellence research independent of gender, geography, generation, language, political view, religion, looks, disability or any other aspects. We already implemented equality at the ZfT since founding in 2007 and aim for diversity in future. For example, the salary of all employees is based on qualification of each individual person.

Data collection and monitoring

Equality data on human resources (like gender, geography, generation) will be monitored and annually reported at the member assembly. All monitored data is based on a personnel questionnaire, which is part of the onboarding process. We continuously monitor statistical deviations from our pool of applicants to detect and combat unconscious biases early.


ZfT will offer awareness trainings on equality and unconscious biases for staff and decision-makers.

Specific ZfT targets are

Appropriate support to achieve excellence

Download our Equality Plan as PDF