Minister of State Melanie Huml visits the ZfT


Visit of Minister of State Melanie Huml MdL at the Center for Telematics

Festive handover of the funding notification by Melanie Huml (left) to the Center for Telematics, represented by board member Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling (center), CEO Daniel Eck (2nd from right) and Julian Scharnagl, head of the space department (right). In addition, MdL Manfred Ländler (2nd from left) was pleased for the ZfT.

On March 4, 2022, the Center for Telematics (ZfT) received a funding notification from the Bavarian State Government for the RLS-Sciences project “Small Satellites”. The future project “OperaTOM - Scientific operation of the TOM satellite formation in orbit” is funded with 340,000 €.

The TOM satellites are part of the scientific cooperation of the network of partner regions Regional Leaders Summit (RLS). Bavaria, Quebec, Georgia, São Paulo, Shandong, Upper Austria and Western Cape are working together here.

Minister of State Melanie Huml, MdL: “The scientific operation of the mini satellites in orbit is a great success for Bavaria and for international cooperation.”

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