Knowledge Exchange "Small Satellite Initiative of German Universities" on 10.3.2020 at the ZfT


Satellite Test Facility of the ZfT participants of the workshop ZfT-Demonstratorhalle
Impressions from the 2nd meeting of the Small Satellite Initiative of German Universities

On March 10, 2020, the second meeting of the “Small Satellite Initiative of German Universities” took place at the ZfT.

In July 2019, leading German universities, including the University of Würzburg, the University of Stuttgart, the Technical University of Berlin, the Technical University of Dresden, the Technical University of Munich, and the Universities of Heidelberg and Aachen, joined together to form this initiative.

It is intended to serve as a platform for an intensified exchange between the universities that develop small satellites. Representatives of the participating universities met at the ZfT for the second time. The pictures show the meeting at the ZfT with a concluding tour of the space test facilities.