ZfT presents its I4.0 test environment for small and medium-sized enterprises


Chart I40 test environment

Chart of the industry4.0 test environment at the Zentrum für Telematik

At the event on 17.01.2019, organized by the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt, TGZ, Cluster-Mechatronik and the National Contact and Coordination Office “I4.0 Test Environments for SMEs - I4KMU”, the Zentrum für Telematik presented its I4.0 Test Environment.

In the framework of the event, the funding programme was explained and various test environments were presented.

On the part of the ZfT, Markus Krauß - Head of Automation - as a speaker first gave an overview of the offered digitization topics. Afterwards, the companies had the opportunity to discuss their needs directly with the ZfT contact persons during a one-hour “in-house exhibition”. cycle through buffers backward