ZfT board member Klaus Schilling receives highly endowed research prize


Finance Minister Söder, Sandro Krichner, Prof. Klaus Schilling

The prize winners Yoav Schechner (computer tomography), Klaus Schilling (formations from miniature satellites) and Ilan Koren (atmospheric physics) before the audit.

Great award for the Zentrum für Telematik. The researchers around Professor Klaus Schilling receive the European Research Council’s research prize of 14 million euros.

The interdisciplinary project called “CloudCT” is a collaboration of three experts: from the fields of computer tomography (Professor Yoaf Schechner, Technion, Haifa), atmospheric physics (Professor Ilan Koren, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot) and satellite technology (Professor Klaus Schilling, Zentrum für Telematik, Würzburg). A formation of 10 miniature satellites will use computer tomography methods to record the composition of clouds.

Only through the interaction of these scientists, who are active in very different research areas, can these novel methods be realised and thus offered a prime example of the highly endowed ERC Synergy Grants, which are intended to encourage scientists to come up with new ideas and enable groundbreaking basic research across disciplinary boundaries.

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