Networked Distributed Pico-Satellite Systems

NetSat is a technology demonstrator, which is supposed to prove the feasibility of a formation of small satellites (cubesats) as a potential platform for scientific experiments, as well as commercial applications.


Project content

Within the NetSat-project, four cubesats will be developed, built and equipped with the necessary subsystems required for formation operation, such as an attitude determination and control system, an orbit determination system, a communications system capable of inter-satellite communication as well as satellite-to-ground communication, as well as electrical propulsion for orbit control and formation keeping. The realization of such a mission has never been achieved before, and it can be regarded as bleeding-edge technology development, as space, power and mass budget are very limited on a cubesat. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the successful establishment of a formation, as well as the formation keeping, over a certain period.


Project duration




European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant


Contact person

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling,