In-Orbit Formation Tests as a First Step towards “Internet of Space”

The aim of the project ForTe is to bring a network consisting of four small satellites into orbit and to operate them. Thus, experiments for formation control and inter-satellite communication shall be enabled and performed. These experiments are going to provide important data to optimize future “Internet of Space” applications.



The project ForTe is based on the research project “NetSat” and shall use its preliminary work. In the scope of NetSat four CubeSats will be developed and constructed together with the according algorithms and technologies to form a satellite formation. ForTe enables the launch and operation of these four satellites as well as allows for performing important experiments. Thus, for the first time worldwide a satellite formation consisting of four CubeSats will be operated in orbit. Significant new scientific insights are expected, because for the first time formation flying experiments with four satellites in three dimensions can be performed. In “NetSat” the according satellite development works have been performed and the prerequisites for an in-orbit demonstration were created, which is now planned to be performed in ForTe. The advancement of these technologies is expected to be of great value for “Internet of Space” applications.



01/2019 – 12/2019 (1 Year)



This project is funded by the Bavarian ministry of economics, state development and energy.



Julian Scharnagl – julian.scharnagl(at)