Tele education

Internationally active industrial companies have a serious interest to keep the know-how level of its worldwide active experts up to date. This is why telematics solutions can transmit technical, sales or other know-how through a dialog between the learner and the center. The execution of tests and experiments with real hardware are a key element for the education of the engineer. State-of-the-art telematics technologies make it possible to access laboratory equipment from home through the Internet and they offer, in addition to the experiments, additional interactive tutorials. In cooperation with the University of Würzburg, experiments with mobile robots were implemented and integrated into normal lectures. The learning units realized make it possible to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained from tutorials and simulation results to the actual hardware to tests its behavior under real conditions. At the same time, experiments can be conducted about impacts of delays and their statistical distribution in control loops in real scenarios. Zentrum für Telematik e.V. views this opportunity of interactive training as an important part of future educations.