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The exceptional progress in telecommunication and information process technologies provides increasingly more sophisticated services across large distances. By combining these technologies with the control and automation systems in telematics, efficient options to acquire sensor data remotely and to react accordingly are made possible. Interesting economic opportunities become available when required interactive control capabilities are provided through cost effective telecommunication connections, which in turn open the development of remote markets through the provision of quickly available maintenance support. The wide application spectrum includes, for example, different areas such as traffic control systems, intelligent houses and space crafts.


Die stellvertretende SPD-Vorsitzende Natascha Kohnen, MdB, besuchte gemeinsam mit Georg Rosenthal, MdL, das ZfT ...

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In the course of Digital Production, aka "Industrie 4.0", the Centre for Telematics is working on the industrial remote maintenance of the future.

Mobile Systems

Ob autonome Transportroboter in der Logistik, mobile Robotik im Sicherheitssektor, für Feuerwehren, im Katastrophenfall oder in Privathaushalten bietet das Zentrum für Telematik innovative Lösungen und Entwicklungen für Ihre Anwendung.

Small satellites networks

A paradigm shift is emerging in spacecraft engineering from single, large, and multifunctional satellites towards cooperating groups of small satellites, forming a sensor network in orbit.